Welcome to my world of stories!

I  believe we all have a a story. Each human being is an intricate labyrinth, that I can't wait to know more about. I dislike small talk so much that I'd rather be quiet and just observe. 

But if you tell me your story, I'm all yours. 

I grew up feeling as if there was much more than what I saw around me. I felt the stories calling me from far away. From lands I had not yet visited. 

There was an inexplicable need to shed the conditioning, to go beyond those cultures and languages that were mine. I needed to go. If I stayed at home, I would have read only one page of all the amazing big book of life. Travelling was always part of my destiny. 

Driven by an almost obsessive force, I set out to unveil masks, to discover what lies beneath. I wanted to rip off the layers and get to the essence. De-condition and dis-cover. To go to places where no one else had been. To surround myself with all things foreign. To stand out, to be alone, to be solo, so that I could be so far away from everything I'd grown up to know. 

A few months after finishing high school and having worked to save up some money, I left. I kept coming back to work some more, to make some more money, so I could go again. I was insatiable in my need to go further and further away. 

In the middle of a humid bustling city in Asia- that's where I felt as if I began. As if I began where everything I knew ended. In Mandalay, in a busy street stall dishing up some spicy curry, surrounded by people that spoke a language foreign to me, I started feeling like myself. Or in an old colonial Portugese bar in Maputo, sitting with a notebook and a pen and a port wine in the old fashioned glass, I felt like I was finally free to be just me.  

It's taken me half a lifetime to understand myself. Some of my tools to get there have been writing, yoga, psychotherapy, meditation, philosophy, traveling, astrology and Human Design and obviously all the mistakes I've made along the way have really helped me understand what I AM NOT.

In the end, it's all just stories. Who doesn't love a good story!